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What are the different types of PR

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

Public relations is an effective way to develop a marketing strategy that complements your organization's marketing efforts and builds your brand reputation. No matter the industry, having an effective public relations strategy is important for any organization. The main objective of public relations is to create a positive public image of the organization and to establish good relations with the citizens and stakeholders of the organization. The business ecosystem in which companies operate is huge, and every organization needs to nurture beneficial relationships with many others.

Media Relations

Media relations are relationships that organizations establish with journalists and other media professionals to disseminate important information about the organization's policies, programs, and practices to their audiences. Media relations include holding press conferences and writing press releases.

An effective media relations strategy can help companies reach their most sought-after target audience. A good relationship with a large organization also benefits the media, as they can get a steady stream of information they publish or broadcast. Establishing good media relations can create situations that benefit both organizations and media agencies. Learn more about media relations in the media relations guide.

Investor relation

Investor relation is the communication between company management and investors, government authorities, shareholders, and the financial community. The primary objective of investor education activities is to provide appropriate disclosure of material facts so that corporate investors can obtain an accurate picture of the organization's financial condition.

Investor public relations is a subset of public relations, but it differs from general public relations in several ways. Unlike other public relations activities, it must integrate investor relations activities with the company's legal and accounting departments. Governments also have more regulatory, financial, and legal requirements for investor outreach than traditional public relations.

Government Relations

The public relations sector focuses on how organizations communicate with various government departments. Government relations are a strategic issue for any company. Government relations policies help organizations establish meaningful interactions and beneficial relationships with government officials. In addition, it manages communications on regulatory and legislative issues and lobbies policymakers.

Community relations

Building good community relations in any organization is important for long-term survival and development. Community relations are part of public relations, including establishing and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and the communities in which they operate. An organization is considered more socially recognized and trusted if it has a positive interest in the community and a desire to accept civic responsibilities.

Internal relations

A company's internal relations mean its employees, employee unions, and shareholders. These individuals and groups play a direct role in the organization's activities and contribute to the organization's success. Improving the quality of work and the well-being of employees is an important element of internal relations. When employees become more engaged and their needs are met, productivity increases, and a strong sense of loyalty to the organization is born.

Customer relations

Customer relations refer to how an organization manages its existing customer base and interactions with past and potential customers. The goal of customer relations is to improve the customer experience by providing answers to short-term problems and creating long-term solutions to major obstacles. As part of a larger public relations strategy, a good customer relations strategy helps improve customer acquisition, satisfaction, and loyalty.

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