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Creating buzz: Getting your business opening covered in news

Updated: Jan 29

As a new business, one of the biggest hurdles you're going to face is building an initial reputation. You will be forced to rely on alternate channels and low-cost strategies to offer you early traction because you have no consumers, no brand recognition, and limited funding that you could spend to improve your image. One of the best ways to do this is by getting your business featured in the news, but doing that is often easier said than done. In this blog we will go into how PR agencies in Dubai can help publicize your company's opening and get it featured in the news!

  • Share Your Story

Your business isn't just another shops; it's a story waiting to be told. Determine what makes your business unique first. Is it a novel product, a distinctive service, or maybe an inspiring tale of a person's path into entrepreneurship? News outlets are drawn to stories that are compelling and relatable. Keep in mind that journalists are storytellers at their core, and they are constantly searching for an engaging and captivating narrative. Pr agencies in Dubai can help weave these elements into a compelling narrative that resonates with both the local audience and the broader media.

  • Networking with the Press

Don't wait until your grand opening to approach the local media. Begin building ties with journalists, bloggers, and influencers as early as possible. Attend local events, join business networks, and use social media to interact with the press. When you interact with them before requesting coverage, you're not just another email in their inbox; you're a recognizable face with a story they're more likely to cover.

  • Draft the Press Release

Your best bet for getting the media's attention is to send out a press release. But how you say something matters just as much as what you say. Make sure your press release is factual, interesting, and concise. Use a catchy headline, get directly to the point, and always include the who, what, when, where, and why. Remember to include a unique perspective or a personal touch to make your article stand out.

  • Amplify Your Message

Using social media to promote your business launch is a smart move. Establish a steady, interesting presence on the social media sites frequented by members of your target market. To boost visibility, share behind-the-scenes photos, count down to the opening day, and make use of hashtags. Online interaction with your audience can build a network of ardent fans eager to tell others about you and your story. 

  • Leverage Local Partnerships

Join hands with neighbourhood nonprofits, companies, or associations. By doing this, you extend your network and demonstrate your support for the neighbourhood. Collaborative initiatives or alliances can illustrate your company's place in the community and make for a more interesting news story.

  • Follow Up and Be Responsive

Send a kind, personalized letter to journalists as a follow-up to your press release or invitation to your event. If they show interest, be prepared to give more details, high-resolution photos, or quickly set up interviews. Keep in mind that journalists frequently operate under pressure; therefore, hiring a PR agency in Dubai can make your company more responsive.

  • Use Feedback Effectively

A PR agency doesn’t just help you get coverage; they help you understand it. By analyzing the media feedback and coverage, they can provide insights into what works best for your business. This continuous learning process helps in refining future PR strategies, ensuring better and more extensive coverage as your business grows.

Getting media attention for the launch of your company is an amazing accomplishment, but keep in mind that this is just the start of your adventure. The groundwork for enduring relationships with the media, your clients, and the community is laid by each action you take to generate excitement for your opening day.

So, as you prepare to introduce your company to the world, keep in mind that the right PR agency in Dubai could end up being a partner in building a narrative of long-term success, not just making headlines. 

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