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Get Ready for the Weekend at PDL

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

sit back, relax, and get groomed while sipping a steaming hot brew

PDL Dubai | PR Agency in Dubai
PDL Dubai | PR Agency in Dubai

Looking for a grooming session ahead of the weekend? Make way to pdl- Dubai’s urban industrial barbershop and specialty coffee house all in one. A modern-day hangout spot where men can be men, enjoy a hot brew or an ice-cold drink during a fresh haircut and neat shave.

An ultra-modern spacious space with styling zones, and Barcaloungers for extra comfort during meni-pedis (because men need ‘em too), pdl is your neighborhood grooming spot where barbers know your name and serve up the best in grooming styles.

Try pdl’s most popular treatment, Haircut and Beard trim combo for at a steal for AED 160 and you’re all set for the weekend.

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