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HYPE brings ‘sun’ to GCC in form of Sun Siyam Resorts

Updated: Jan 24

PR for Maldives and Sri Lankan based resort

What we did

Since 2020 HYPE has been responsible for managing the PR for Maldives and Sri Lankan based resort chain, Sun Siyam Resorts. The ambition to raise the holiday destinations profile across Saudia Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, and the UAE.

Focusing on a predominantly press office approach, followed by an influencer gifting and engagement programme, through regular press trips and relationships with journalists and media, HYPE has managed to grow the brands presence across the GCC, while keeping customers booking holidays at the resorts 6 destinations over and over.

How we did it

Through arranging family press trips to ongoing press office activity promoting the resorts offers, discounts and sales, HYPE has been able to secure coverage in all GCC countries for Sun Siyam Resorts.

On top of ongoing press office activity, over the past two years HYPE has been working with Sun Siyam Resorts to identify partnership, new business and campaign opportunities that will help create a strong story for the destination. An example of which has seen Michelin starred chefs’ partner with the resort to create limited edition dishes to entice holidaymakers into a stay.


Over the past two years HYPE has secured coverage reaching over 25 million readers, with a PR value of over $5 million.

In addition to coverage, HYPE has arranged over 20 press trips to Sun Siyam Resorts, resulting in both social and media coverage for the destination, while building an engaged audience.

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