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The Rise of Podcasts: A PR and Communication Opportunity

Updated: Jan 24

One of the business media with the greatest growth is podcasting, particularly since the COVID-19 lockdowns. Communication agencies in London and worldwide have started using podcasts as a marketing tool for their products. This has made the market increasingly competitive for attracting listeners and attention as more businesses start podcasting.

It makes sense to think about how to use these astounding statistics to your PR benefit when nearly half of the public listens to podcasts every month.

There are many ways to use podcasting for your brand or client, from thought leadership to masterclasses. As one of the top communications agencies in London, we have frequently experimented with podcasts for our clients, and here are the top 5 benefits of including podcasts in your public relations plan:

The Rise of Podcasts

  • An original way to lead with ideas:

Any effective PR program must include thought leadership as a key strategy. Both brands and individuals want to be recognized as subject matter experts who can offer insightful counsel. While any media can assist in achieving this, recorded media, particularly podcasts, offer a special way that other conventional methods cannot. They allow you to convey your uniqueness, humour, human side, and more.

Many podcasts support long-form journalism, allowing writers to develop a story rather than list important dates and data.

  • Adds a mixed-media component:

Yes, it is crucial to broaden your media mix. You would want features in print, TV, radio, and podcasts. However, having a varied media mix also gives your sales teams new options by providing them with more material to attract prospective consumers and clients. Additionally, since you might be requested to appear on more programs, it creates an opportunity for you to participate in upcoming podcasts (if it goes well).

  • It serves as a good place to start:

Before releasing your message to a larger audience, podcasts are an excellent location to refine different aspects of your message and story. You can enjoy testing out various messages and talking points and watching how the presenter responds and digs deeper because many podcasts have a conversational tone. Consider beginning with a few podcasts with a small audience before expanding to larger programs if you feel confident communicating the ideas.

  • Podcasts provide you with a chance to showcase your knowledge.

Listeners of podcasts desire knowledge. They tune in to learn more about what's happening in their fields, to advance their knowledge, or to pick up new skills. If you have an extensive understanding of a subject, you could be able to educate people on a novel concept or emerging fashion. You may establish your credibility as an authority by doing this.

  • You can target a certain audience using podcasts.

Industry associations and opinion leaders regularly host podcasts. When their smaller, more targeted audiences are exactly the ones you're seeking to attract, these industry podcasts can be fantastic prospects.


Although including podcasts in your outreach strategy might be a wonderful idea, it is crucial to do it properly. Be smart about who you target, give yourself enough time to prepare, and let your customers and prospects know about any podcast interviews you conduct.

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